The WHF Hangar

February 2017 Volume 8 Number 1

Paul Wood, flying the WHF A-4B Skyhawk in a vertical climb, with the
Moon in the background at the 2015 Milwaukee Air and Water Show
Photo by Dan Kallenberger

Greetings from the staff at the Warbird Heritage Foundation and welcome to the latest edition of the WHF Hangar!

There have been some personnel changes since our last newsletter.

In early 2015, Chief Pilot Herwig Schmidts responsibilites were expanded to include Director of Operations. Congratulations are in order!

Since late in 2015, several experienced commercial aircraft technicians have been volunteering to provide us with some much needed assistance with our aircraft maintenance backlog.

WHF Volunteers Pat Marsh, Paul Batzel, and John Engel
Photo by Patrick Lutker

The Warbird Heritage Foundation would like to acknowledge Paul Batzel, John Engel, and Pat Marsh for their ongoing volunteer work. Paul, John, and Pat have been putting their 20+ years of airline maintenance experience to good use, working on our warbirds. We thank you for your efforts.

In early November of 2015, Patrick Lutker joined our staff as an Aircraft Technician. Patrick came to us from the corporate aviation community and is a certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanic. In October of 2016, Patrick earned his IA Certification.

WHF Aircraft Technician Patrick Lutker
Photo by Mark M. Suchecki

Congratulations Patrick, and welcome aboard!

In April of 2016 Director of Operations Herwig Schmidts and warbird pilots Fred Bower and John Shuttleworth received their Skyraider type ratings. Congratulations from all of us here at the Foundation!

Since our last newsletter, Warebird Heritage Foundation aircraft appeared or were featured in several videos:

The Foundation P-51D Baby Duxk appears twice in the video "Come Alive" produced by the International Council of Air Shows in December of 2015. has created several great CockpitCam videos featuring WHF aircraft:

P-51D Cockpit Cam - Solo Aerobatics - 2016 Cleveland National Airshow

Take a seat with pilot Vlado Lenoch in the Warbird Heritage Foundation P-51D Mustang "Baby Duck" as he performs a solo aerobatics routine at the 2016 Cleveland National Airshow!   

To view the video, click here.

F-16 Cockpit Cam: AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 Aerobatics and Heritage Flight

This is an exceptional video of the United States Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon demonstration team, known as "Viper East", performing at AirVenture Oshkosh 2016.

Watch as pilot Craig "Rocket" Baker performs a full aerobatic demonstration of the F-16 before joining up with a P-51D Mustang for the USAF Heritage Flight.

The P-51D Mustang is the Foundation P-51 "Baby Duck" flown by Vlado Lenoch. To view the video, click here.

Aircraft from the Warbird Heritage Foundation participated in more than 35 airshows and events across the Central and Eastern United States during the 2015 and 2016 Airshow Seasons!

The 2016 Northern Illinois Airshow (formerly Wings Over Waukegan) was held on September 10, 2016. Though the weather failed to cooperate in the morning, it finally cleared and the show went off without a hitch in the afternoon!

The Legacy/Heritage Combo Flight formation at the
2016 Northern Illinois Airshow.
Photo by Alan Barbor / TFR Media

Once again, the show included the popular "Jet Parade" that has proven to be a crowd pleaser.

The Foundation had a variety of aircraft flying in the show as well. Paul Wood performed his famous A-4 Skyhawk TAC Demo routine, Vlado Lenoch flew his solo aerobatics routine in our P-51 "Baby Duck", and Steve Kirik performed in our F-86 Sabre!

Our A-4B Skyhawk, F-86 Sabre, and P-51D Mustang also flew as part of the Legacy / Heritage Combo Flight formation led by a TBM Avenger.

The 2017 Northern Illinois Airshow has been scheduled for Saturday, September 9, 2017.

Once again, several of the WHF aircraft will be flying in the show, and a variety of them will be on static display!

Mark your calendars now and plan to bring out the whole family for a full day of fun in the sun!

Some notable events that we have participated in since our last newsletter:
     -  The Foundation AD-1 Skyraider was part of the Disabled American Veterans flight team display at         AirVenture Oshkosh 2015.
     -  The Foundation P-51D Baby Duck participated in a flyby over Arlington National Cemetary that         was part of a private ceremony on August 14, 2015.
     -  The Foundation P-51D Baby Duck participated in The National WWII Museum Day formation overflight
        of four Mustangs over Wrigley Field on August 19, 2015.   Supermodel Kate Upton was riding in
        one of the aircraft to promote the event.
     -  The Foundation T-6G Texan participated in an overflight at the dedication of the Veterans
        Memorial Monument in Aurora, IL on November 14, 2015.
     -  The Foundation F-86 Sabre flew in a formation of three F-86's, including the oldest American jet fighter         still flying, at AirVenture 2016 in Oshkosh.

Click here to visit our website and view the "Events" page for a preliminary schedule of the airshows and events that we will be participating in during the 2017 airshow season.

The full schedule will be available by the end of April. Remember to check back periodically for late updates.

The year 2017 has already started off with a bang for the Warbird Heritage Foundation!    Let us share with you some exciting developments. We have several new projects to announce:

The Foundation Aeronca L-3B Grasshopper

The Foundation is excited to announce the addition of an Aeronca L-3B Grasshopper to our fleet.

The L-3B S/N 42-36317 was donated to the Foundation in late 2016 by Mr. Jeffery Hill, Sr. of Woodstock, IL. To quote Jeff "I was looking for a good home for my airplane and have long been impressed by the Warbird Heritage Foundation's core mission of sharing, displaying, and flying, these great pieces of history."

In order to expand the scope of our aircraft collection to cover the period from the beginning of the 20th century to the current era, the Warbird Heitage Foundation has teamed up with EAA Chapter 414 to build and fly a full size replica of a Nieuport 28 fighter plane from the First World War!

A repoduction of the Nieuport 28 in flight.

We have chosen to build a reproduction using modern materials and engines, instead of a restoration project, because the original wooden airframe and engines are considered unsafe to fly by today's standards.

As many of you know, the Nieuport 28 was assigned to the 94th Aero Squadron. This squadron was part of the 1st Pursuit Group of the U.S. First Army. It's mission was engage and clear enemy aircraft from the skies.

The 94th Aero Squadron was credited with the first offical downing of an enemy aircraft. Among it's notable members were Eddie Rickenbacker and Douglas Campbell, the first American trained Air Aces.

To quote Paul Wood "Our intent is to make this project as exacting and authentic as humanly possible." We will be drawing on the expertise of the Airdrome Aeroplanes Company of Holden, MO, and a total of 10 volunteers from EAA Chapter 414 to complete the project. Under the close guidance of James Goodman (Quality Assurance), James Hull (Project Manager), and some additional insight from Ted Hamady, a retired historian, formerly with the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., we hope to have the aircraft flying on the 100th anniversary of the first downing of an enemy aircraft by a U.S. fighter plane in April of 2018.

Additional information on both the L-3B Grasshopper and Nieuport 28 will be added to our website shortly. This will include step by step photos of the Nieuport 28 project going back to day one that will allow you to follow along with the construction as it progresses. Click here to go directly to the Aircraft Showcase page on our website.

Photos of the construction effort will also be posted on our Facebook page. Click on the "Find us on Facebook" button below to go directly to our Facebook page.

Now for an update on our Goodyear FG-1D Corsair restoration project:

The P&W R2800 engine has arrived at Tab-Air. ~ 1/16/2016

As you may recall from our prior newsletters, Our Goodyear FG-1D Corsair is undergoing a restoration project at Tab-Air in East Troy, WI.

Since our last newsletter, restoration activities have been continuing...

The Pratt & Whitney R2800 engine has been refurbished by Anderson Aeromotive in Grangeville, Idaho. It has arrived back at Tab-Air, and is ready for installation.

The wing tips have been attached and the wings are back to their full length once again. initial wing fits have been completed.

Work on the aft fuselage has been completed. The tail section has been mated to the main fuselage, allowing it to stand on it's own landing gear.

The trim controls have been installed, and the instrument panel is mostly in place. The new canopy acrylic has been made and installed. The new windscreen glass has been installed.

Initial left wing fit being done. ~ 7/20/2016

New gun ports are being made. The wings and elevators are being covered in fabric. The hydraulics for the wing fold are in place. New tires have been installed.

Construction of the ailerons has been started by Marc Stamsta of Max Aero, Inc. in Hartford, WI.

The oil cooler wing sections and carburetor inlets are almost complete. These are being worked on by Scott Dennison of Dennison Enterprises, LLC in Waukesha, WI.

As more and more of the painted aircraft parts are assembled, the aircraft is beginning to look like an actual Corsair!

The FG-1D Corsair now resting on it's own landing gear. ~ 2/15/2017

We are extremely excited about this project, and as before, we will continue to post periodic updates on our website so you can follow along with the FG-1D Corsair restoration activities!

To go directly to the FG-1D "Restoration" page, click here.

You can also track the restoration via Facebook. Click on the "Find us on Facebook" button below to go directly to our Facebook page.

The Corsair restoration project is on track for completion (first flight of the aircraft) in mid 2018.

Here we are once again in the middle of winter in Waukegan, and that means our annual maintenance effort is already well underway.

Skyraider maintenance is currently underway.

Our maintenance staff is working hard to complete condition inspections on all of our aircraft to get them ready for the upcoming 2017 airshow season.

Many of you have been closely following us on Facebook, where we highlight our aircraft maintenance efforts. We provide frequent updates on the status of all our aircraft, and post pictures of the annual condition inspection process.

If you haven't already done so, please click on the button above, and "Like" us on Facebook!   Then, continue to follow our progress there during the remainder of the winter aircraft maintenance season.

Please take some time to re-discover our website and tell all of your friends who may be interested in warbirds about us. Click here to go directly to our Home page.

We are constantly putting out new photographs and other information in order to keep everyone up to date on our activities. Remember to check back with our site on a regular basis.

While you are visiting our website, be sure to sign our Guestbook. Also, we want to remind you about our outstanding and FREE Screensaver. It contains great high resolution photos of the Foundation's aircraft. Click here to go directly to the download page and get your copy today!

We look forward to another exciting airshow season in 2017. As always we will keep you informed of any developments here at the Hangar.

So for now, regards from the staff of the Warbird Heritage Foundation.

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